Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

When a gloomy day is upon us, I find myself itching towards either staying all day in bed or if I have to be productive and need a place outside of my apartment to work, a coffee shop will always suffice. I love the ambiance of a coffee shop and being able to inhale the scent of grounded coffee beans. There is also an atmosphere of kindness and humor at the coffee shops I find myself at, which helps me to stay motivated.

When I first shot my Heroine look with Destin back in the summer of last year, Destin mentioned to me that there were a few cute coffee shops in Pasadena. After a few hectic months, I finally had the time to meet with Destin again to shoot in Pasadena as well as a much needed catch up session over a cup of americano. Thank you Destin for your friendship, kindness, humor, always being down for a photoshoot, and your astrology knowledge.

Lately in the city of angels, the weather has been singing the “Sweater Weather” song by The Neighbourhood. Thus I thought it was fitting to bring you “Cold Shoulder” on the Crystal Avenue today. In “Cold Shoulder,” I am featuring an oversized baby blue sweater from Lulus. If you were skeptical that the sweater would not keep me warm, the sweater fortunately did and I did not get sick after shooting this look. The sweater was thick enough to brace through the gloomy LA weather and if I needed to, I could have added an extra tank top underneath for good measure. I wanted to contradict the “Cold Shoulder” title by choosing light, pastel colors for the overall look and to keep my flirty vibe. I chose my white AG jeans, finished the look with a pair of gold hoops and baby pink heels from GUESS.

I hope you are all doing well, trucking through March Madness. Have a wonderful rest of your week and I will see you in my next post on The Crystal Avenue.

Photography by Destin Cortez

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