The Crystal Avenue
The Crystal Avenue


Hello and welcome to the Crystal Avenue! I am Crystal, a fashion enthusiast with a strong belief that every day is a chance to be an idiosyncratic and dress how you see fit. Whether you choose to style your looks comfortably or flashy and loud, the Crystal Avenue is a space for your fashion inspiration and style tips.


Born and raised in the bay area, I am a Vietnamese woman who is now in her late twenties. I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, back in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in English. Currently, I am working in the world of freight forwarding from 8 to 5 and living in the city of angels.

In no particular order, aside from the basics, I am the following:

  • I am sandwiched between two amazing siblings.
  • I am very family and friend orientated. They will always have my 100% support and love.
  • I am a kid at heart, always enjoying life’s simple moments.
  • I love Corgis.
  • If I had to choose my choice of poison, I would choose whiskey. For my non alcoholic choice of a drink, I would like H2O or coconut water please.
  • You can find me grooving to different music genres as I am constantly growing my music palette.
  • I am easily amused and I have been told I have an infectious laugh.
  • I am a wanderlust soul, and I am always looking for my next adventure.


The Crystal Avenue is a platform for me to continually grow my own idiosyncratic style as I get older, while inspiring others to do the same. Growing up, I was never confident in my personal style because I cared of what other would think. However, I learned over the years that your own personal style should genuinely be yours, and the comments of others should be disregarded. As long as you are confident in who you are, the world of fashion is your oyster to have fun, be different, and try new things.

So come and take a stroll on the Crystal Avenue with me. You might be surprised at what will unravel here.