The Chase

Good morning, everyone! What did you think of my previous Manicure Monday post and tried out the nail polish for yourself? If you did, hopefully you enjoyed Sally Hansen’s Mega Strength in Rise Up and enjoyed the content. As stated, I will be churning out more Manicure Monday posts, so if there is any nail polishes you would like me to try and review, be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

Today on The Crystal Avenue, I am bringing you “The Chase.” I shot “The Chase” at the end of 2018 with Jimmy in downtown Los Angeles and thought it was long overdue for an edgier look on my blog as well as my instagram feed. Lately, my outfits have been more on the flirtier side so I wanted to switch up the mood a little bit.

In “The Chase,” I am wearing a black bodycon dress with white stripes on the side and outer lining from Zara. I know, I know. I probably own way too many black dresses and Marie Kondo would definitely question if they all sparked joy for me. To answer the sparking joy question, they all still do. Do not get me wrong. I have decluttered and donated a lot of my clothes that I have hoarded in the last few years, so the black dresses that I still have in my wardrobe, still bring me joy. As I have previously mentioned on The Crystal Avenue, every black dress (little or not) are all give a different vibe.

The weather was going to be a little bit chilly the day I shot “The Chase,” so I knew I wanted some form of outwear. Thus, I wanted to be warm and heighten the look by adding another texture: denim. My denim jacket is a light wash, hence the jacket adds a touch of color without taking away the spotlight from the Zara dress. I finished the look with large hoop earrings and wore a red lip for a little bit more edge with my trusty block heels from Call It Spring.

I hope the rest of your February is well spent and I will see you in my next post.

Photography by Jimmy Sianipar

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