Manicure Monday: Rise Up

Hello, hello everyone and happy February! I know we are only eleven days into February, but doesn’t feel like the month of February is over already? Maybe it is just me.

Today on The Crystal Avenue, I am featuring a Manicure Monday post. Unfortunately, the last Manicure Monday post I wrote on The Crystal Avenue was back in 2015 with Tip Your Hat and White on White, thus I knew I had to bring the series back into the rhythm. To restart Manicure Monday, I chose Sally Hansen’s Mega Strength in “Rise Up,” a rose pink nail polish color with gold tints.

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I purchased “Rise Up” at Target for $4.49 (minus tax). The applicator of “Rise Up” is a thin brush, which depending on your nail shape and preference, you may or may not enjoy. Personally, I like nail polish brushes to be a little bit thicker than the brush in “Rise Up,” so I can apply my nail polish quicker as well as to have more control and less room for errors. When applying “Rise Up,” the first layer applies on sheer and dries quickly. On the bottle, Sally Hansen recommends to apply two coats. However for me, I recommend three thin layers, if you want the color to appear opaque as the pictures I shot.

I would rate Sally Hansen’s Mega Strength “Rise Up” on a scale out of 5, in the following categories and as such:

Affordability: 5/5
Applicator Brush: 3/5
Color: 5/5
Easy to Apply: 5/5
Long Lasting: 5/5
Total: 92% approval rating

Stay tuned for future Manicure Monday posts through 2019. Return next week for another post on The Crystal Avenue. Take care!

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