Manicure Monday: Tip Your Hat & White On White

Manicure Monday: Tip Your Hat & White On White

We’re back on the Crystal Avenue with another Manicure Monday, featuring my nails for the week of Valentine’s Day. Originally, I wanted to keep my nails simple and clean with a red nail varnish, but I opted out and incorporated white polka dots to add a whimsical feel.

For my base color, I chose “Tip Your Hat” from the China Glaze Twinkle Collection that was gifted to me by one of my greatest and sweetest friends, Michelle. The consistency of “Tip Your Hat” is very fair that you will only need one to two coats to get the essence of “Tip Your Hat.” However for me, I wanted to add another layer to make “Tip Your Hat” a little bit darker.

After “Tip Your Hat” dried, I used a dotting tool with the nail polish “White On White” which is also from the China Glaze brand. To have the nail design look like consistent polka dots, a tip I would give is to create a schematic pattern. For me, I started with three dots in my first vertical row, two for my second row, and continued the same pattern until my nail was fully covered in polka dots. Ultimately it is up to your discretion to choose if you want the rows to be more spread out or closer together. Also if you are new to using a dotting tool, be sure to clean off the nail polish after every row or the nail polish will start to build up on the dotting tool.

Thank you for thinking of me and the sweet gifts again, Michelle! See you all within the week for another look on the Crystal Avenue.

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Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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