Review: Becca’s Macaron Glow Kit

Hello everyone! I know we are already at the end of January, but because I did not blog earlier in the month, I am wishing you all a happy new year. I hope your year started on a positive note. However if the year did not, please know that the storm is only momentary and there are people in the world who care about you. Also even if you are your worst critic, you are enough.

As 2018 was ending, I started to reevaluate the Crystal Avenue and wanted to try something a little different than my usual outfit of the day and to step out of my comfort zone, artistically and through my prose. Thus today, I wanted to compose a review on the Crystal Avenue. I am thinking to incorporate a review or a possibly travel post monthly, because after fashion, I love beauty products, traveling and photography. Let me know if there is any other topics you would like me to talk about in the comments below.

On the Crystal Avenue, I am reviewing Becca’s Macaron Glow Kit that I purchased the Macaron Glow Kit at Sephora for $40 during a VIB event at The Grove in Los Angeles. I have been a fan of Becca cosmetics for the past few years, as my love for Becca started after receiving a recommendation from one of my best friends Ann, who swore by the Glow on the Go Highlighter Set in Opal. When I applied the Opal pressed highlighter, my cheek bones, nose bridge, and cupid’s bow was luminized and I was hooked on Becca.

When I was browsing Sephora, one of the beauty consultants mentioned to me that the Macaron Glow Kit was limited edition, so I knew I could not pass the opportunity to have the Macaron Glow Kit in my makeup collection. In the Macaron Glow Kit, there are four mini pressed highlighters in the colors Opal, Vanilla Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Prismatic Amethyst.

The four mini pressed highlighters are packaged in a plastic casing. Upon opening the Macaron Glow Kit, the highlighters are individually taped and labeled with their names for reference. I personally thought that the residue from the removal of the tape left on each of the highlighters was a little annoying. Thankfully the residue did not take too much time to remove. Aesthetically, I enjoyed the casing of the highlighters because they look like miniature lockets, which is somewhat reminiscent of watching Salior Moon when I was younger.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my blog post, Opal (bottom center) was the first color I was introduced to from Becca. Before purchasing the Macaron Glow Kit, Opal has been a go to in my makeup bag as well as for my photoshoots. Opal is a medium gold with a metallic sheen and warm undertones. Personally for me, one swipe of Opal is the usual amount of luminous shine I like to wear since it is very pigmented. Opal is also very blendable and buildable, if you want that extra jous for photos or for everyday wear.

When I was swatching Vanilla Quartz (right), it reminded me a little bit of Opal with the sheen. However what makes Vanilla Quartz different from Opal is Vanilla Quartz is a white gold highlighter. I love how pigmented Vanilla Quartz is and how it looked on my skin. After testing out Vanilla Quartz, I want to be a little bit more daring with my makeup looks, especially for my future photoshoots.

The next color in the Macaron Glow Kit is Rose Quartz (left), which is a light pink highlighter. When I applied Rose Quartz on my skin, I had to layer a few shades of Rose Quartz to receive the luminous finish. If I had only applied one layer of Rose Quartz on my cheekbones, Rose Quartz would have looked like a light blush with a bit of shimmer on my face.

Lastly, Prismatic Amethyst (top center) is a pale lavender highlighter. At first, I was not sure what to expect of Prismatic Amethyst before opening the package, because I thought Prismatic Amethyst would be a prominent purple. However to my surprise, Prismatic Amethyst was pale lavender and had a pearl shimmer. Similar to Rose Quartz, I needed to apply an additional layer of Prismatic Amethyst to have the color reflect on my skin.

Do not forget to set your makeup with a setting spray, especially if you applied highlighter. My go to setting spray is from Tatcha, which on top of highlighter, always gives me an extra luminous boost. Unfortunately, I was unable to shoot photos of myself on my phone in good lighting and did not have a friend available to shoot the photos for me, so I apologize I couldn’t take professional quality photos with the highlighters on myself. I am working on finding a remote for my DLSR so hopefully next time I can take some selfies on my DLSR.

Please enjoy the rest of your January. I’ll see you next month with an outfit post.

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