Crystal Nguyen

Femme Fatale

Crystal Nguyen
Femme Fatale

Hello, hello everyone and a happy Wednesday to you! As today is also Valentine’s day, I wanted to say one thing: I hope the today is wonderful and you are showered with love from yourself, friends, family, or your boo thang.

First order of business, the Crystal Avenue turned four years old on February 2nd. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by! When I look back at my first post “Bloom Into February,” I would say my style is still chic and has a minimalistic vibe. What I can say is different is my confidence, which you will see below. I definitely have come along way from being camera shy and insecure about my fashion choices in my younger years. However as I have expressed in my mission statement and have learned through the four years on the Crystal Avenue, I still believe every day is an opportunity to be an idiosyncratic. Honestly, what do you have to lose? Nothing. With that said, I hope the Crystal Avenue continues to grow, gives you style advice, and inspire you find confidence within yourself.

The second order of business, if it was not blatantly obvious, the Crystal Avenue has also been revamped. There are still a few little kinks to iron out on the template, but I couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to prematurely share the new look with you all today. What do you guys think?

The last order of business is today’s look “Femme Fatale.” Before I go into the details of “Femme Fatale,” I was looking at my previous valentine’s lookbooks and I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself on my confidence levels, how different I look from then to now and how my ideas on love has drastically changed. Check four of my past Valentine’s looks below! You can click on the specific image to read more details on each post.

“Femme Fatale” is my first official shoot in Los Angeles, since moving to the city of angels about half a year ago today. I know it has been long overdue, so I apologize it took so long to finally create some content here in Los Angeles. I have been meaning to set up some time to shoot with Jimmy Sianipar, who is an amazing photographer, videographer, and one of my brother’s friends. I am happy my schedule finally opened up for me to work with him. Jimmy, thank you so much for shooting and bringing “Femme Fatale” to fruition. I can’t wait to create more content with you.

I have been eyeing this chic black dress from Lulu’s since the end of last year, but I was skeptical that I could pull it off because I have a small frame. After reading the reviews and asking a few of my friends if they could see me pulling off this number, I decided to take a chance and I am glad I did, as I wanted “Femme Fatale” to be an upgrade of my last Valentine’s Day look “Bad Romance.” Thus, I wanted to play on the femme fatale vibe. If you do not know what a femme fatale is, a femme fatale is an attractive woman who brings disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. Although I am just the opposite of a femme fatale, there is something about personifying a character or vibe that is out of my norm, which is what I love about fashion. Fashion allows you to step out of your comfort zone. I know this also leaves space for potentially catfishing. So this is a PSA (public service announcement) that if you ever meet me in person, I do not look like “Femme Fatale” every day. Sorry not sorry.

So what does femme fatale entail to me? She is woman of confidence and ready to prowl on whatever life throws her way. For “Femme Fatale,” I stayed true to my minimalistic style and allowed the bodycon dress to shine. With the help of my accessories to let the bodycon dress be the highlight, I went for a pair of gold heart earrings to represent love and my show stopper red heels from Target.

If you would like to purchase the dress because the dress is half off, I will have the link available here. Have a wonderful rest of your week and if you are celebrating Lunar New Year, I hope the year brings you good fortune and health. I’ll see you guys in my next one.

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Photography by Jimmy Sianipar

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