Fashionably Lace

Fashionably Lace

Hello and happy new years to you and your loved ones! How was the end of your 2017 and your new years? If you don’t follow me on social media, I ended 2017 with a quick trip to Las Vegas and went to hike at the Zion National park in Utah, which was absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to go back to Zion in the near future to hike more trails and to take more scenic photographs. For my first new years away from the bay area, I went to Marina Del Rey and watched fireworks, which is surprising because it was my first NYE that I witnessed fireworks live and not from a television screen. 

Before I dive into the Crystal Avenue’s first post of twenty eighteen, I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude again to my support group who have been standing by my side since the beginning of my move to LA. It is crazy to think I have been living in LA for almost half a year now. From the ongoing lessons I have learned about the world, people and myself to the many solo adventures that I have been on, I am so thankful for everything and everyone. Not only has my support group has helped me with my personal life, but they have also are continually challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and helping me out artistically with the Crystal Avenue.

I ended twenty seventeen with a photoshoot in San Francisco with Chris Cheung. I came back to the bay area to attend my company’s holiday party. Since the theme was a masquerade, I wanted to create and share a lookbook for you on the Crystal Avenue. As I also wanted to collaborate with new photographers, I came across Chris’ instagram, and I was very happy he was able to schedule me in on such short notice. It was definitely has fun chatting about random shenanigans, the pleasant smell of San Francisco, and simply working with Chris. I know I have repeated this multiple times, but just for extra measure, thanks again Chris for wanting to collaborate with me! I can’t wait for our next photoshoot together.

For my first post of twenty eighteen on the Crystal Avenue, I bring to you “Fashionably Lace” a maxi dress from my go to online retailer for dresses, Lulu’s. Since my company’s holiday party theme was a masquerade, I wanted an alluring look for the night. When I am across the “Ephemeral Allure Grey Lace Maxi Dress,” on Lulu’s, I knew that I wanted to dance the night away in the floral lace number. One of the reasons why I chose this dress is because I love how the dress is grey and has blue undertones. Another reason why I leaned towards “Ephemeral Allure Grey Lace Maxi Dress” is the open back. As I am on the shorter side, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull off the backless look. However I was pleasantly surprised the bodice fit well that I actually look a little taller than I am in reality from behind. I decided for “Fashionably Lace” to curl and then to put my hair in a ponytail, and went with rose gold earrings and my go to Daniel Wellington watch for my accessories, to showcase and highlight my back.


* If you are interested in his work, his website and instagram can be found here and here.

Photography by Chris Cheung

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