Twenty Nine

The universe has spoken - I am another year older, a little more rougher around the edges and becoming more unapologetic towards taking my life by the reigns and choosing me. I have always chose to put others before myself and only in recent years, I have taken a step back and given myself the some of love I give others. Therefore for my twenty ninth birthday post on the Crystal Avenue, I wanted to create a look that embodies and heightens my confidence, my continuing self love journey, and growth to represent what I want for year twenty nine to encapsulate. I know to some, this sounds may sound extremely vague, hence I wrote a letter to myself and to my last year in my twenties, to share with you all on The Crystal Avenue.

As always, my sister Michelle has been taking my birthday photoshoots and I wanted to tell Michelle, you are the MVP and thank you for understanding my creative mind while loving me unconditionally. Outfit details will be posted below and I will resume to my regular styling advice, tips, and tricks in my next lookbook post. Cheers to twenty nine and what life will unfold!

Dear Crystal,

You are twenty nine today. Can you believe it? Roughly five years ago, you started The Crystal Avenue for a few reasons. Do you remember what those reasons were? You wanted to get out of your comfort zone in your fashion choices and learning photography tips and tricks, behind and in front of the camera. You wanted to showcase growth and to help others be an idiosyncratic. Most importantly, you wanted to let loose, be creative, and have fun.

If you are doubting yourself that you did not accomplish the goals you set out for yourself, I am here to remind you that you have stayed true to your mission statement. In recent days, life sure has not been easy. However what is life without a little bit of madness, a dash of wanderlusting adventures, singing along with your favorite music artists and groups, taking chances on romance, and having numerous moments of frustration, while being surrounded by loved ones and delicious food? Your persona and personality would not be the same without these little moments, whether they broke you or made you laugh ridiculously. You have prevailed and are continuing to work through all the times life threw you into retrograde.

For twenty nine, I want you to set a few goals, make a few more changes, and adapt to enjoy the last year of your twenties. I want you to utilize the confidence you exude and showcase in your photos and put the confidence more towards your day to day interactions. You have the confidence inside. All you need to do is to take the confidence out and sprinkle it into the world - the world has been anticipating what you are all about. Second, I want you to stop feeling guilty about not being able to cater to everyone’s needs timely. As a result, you have been forgetting about yourself and it is not healthy. It is only hurting you in the end. Your loved ones will understand when you need time for yourself and that you will come back on your own terms. If they don’t, it is on them. It is also okay that sometimes you have to be selfish and turn the do not disturb switch on to figure out your next move. Lastly, stay open to life. You know how short life is from grieving in the last few months for your grandparents and friends. Continue to work on being less of a critic on yourself, take a chance on yourself and what you want. I have heard life will be a little easier and more enjoyable.

I hope in the next 365 days, you live for you, by your terms, and continue to stay creative. You got this kid. I believe in you.


Outfit Details:
Faux Leather Jacket: Zara
Lacy Bodysuit: Lulus
Denim Shorts: H&M
Suede Boots: Steve Madden

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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