ModCloth, an American online retailer that specialized in vintage and vintage-inspired fashion, accessories, and decor, reached out to me and asked me to participate in their Nail Klub and Dress challenge. For their challenge, I went through their online dress selection and chose a dress that I would have been another option for my friends, Jorden and Kalvin’s wedding this past weekend.

The dress I chose for Mod Cloth’s Nail Klub and Dress challenge is “Gliding Through the Garden Dress in Navy”:

Images by ModCloth: "  Gliding Through the Garden Dress in Navy"

Images by ModCloth: "Gliding Through the Garden Dress in Navy"

I love the simplicity and elegant vibe the dress gives off. Thus if I wore “Gliding Through the Garden Dress in Navy,” to a wedding or any black tie event, I would choose to do a French manicure. There are a few reasons why I would do a French manicure with “Gliding Through the Garden Dress in Navy.” The first reason would be that the dress should ultimately be in the spotlight and catch the attention of everyone, instead of your manicure. My second reason would be with the elegance the dress exudes off, the nails should match the same level of elegance without clashing. And although the French manicure is overall a simple look, it is a classic and timeless choice.

To give yourself the classic french manicure similar to what is seen above, I have a few tips and tricks to achieve the look. My go to base coat is Seche Clear. Be sure not to skip this step, as discoloration on your nails can occur. After applying a base coat, I used scotch tape to lay down on the base of my fingernails, leaving the free edge of the nail uncovered. At this time, I applied the nail varnish with Blanc by Essie to the free edge. Once the free edge has dried, remove the tape and use a sheer pink nail varnish to give the nail body a little bit of color. For this look, I used Arm Candy by Sally Hansen. As always, don’t forget to seal the look with a top coat.

Before I wrap up on today’s Manicure Monday, I wanted to give everyone at ModCloth and Amy a shoutout and thank you for showing interest in the Crystal Avenue. With that said, please check out the summer dress collection at ModCloth - they have some really cute dresses for all the events you will be attending this summer season. If there are any dresses you like, share them with me in the comments below. I would love to see what dresses you guys like. Also, be come back Wednesday to see and read about my look for Jorden and Kalvin’s fairy tale wedding.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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