Twenty Four

If you haven’t guessed already, I turned twenty four today. With all the events in our lives, it’s remarkable how quick a mere year goes by. For me, twenty three was a year of growth, new adventures and friends, giggles, heart aches, and lessons. As I take on another year, I asked my sister if she could assist in being my photographer for a more glamorous photo shoot, for today’s fashion post. And so, I seen a lot of advertisements and photo shoots of mirror reflections, and I wanted to give the style a shot. Since today marks the beginning of birthday extravaganzas, I shot “Twenty Four” on the idea of getting ready for the night on the town to showcase femininity. Including the one above, here are three additional shots from the shoot that I absolutely love the result (Thank you, Michelle!):

For the fashion side, I am wearing a petite peplum top from ASOS, jersey knit pants from Betsey Johnson, earrings from Forever 21, and heels from Aldo. Overall the look is fairly simple, however I wanted to focus more on the design, details, and the effect of the pieces. I know I previously mentioned this before, but there is something about the collarbone and the off-the-shoulder look that I absolutely love, as it somehow tangles and exudes romance and confidence. And so with most of the attention at the upper half, I paired the jersey knit pants to emphasize and complete a silhouette look.

Before I begin my birthday festivities, I wanted to say thank you for all the love and support since I opened the Crystal Avenue. I couldn’t be more thankful for your continuing love and support. Here is to "Twenty Four" and many more years on the Crystal Avenue. I will see you again very soon.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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