Today’s Manicure Monday features two colors from Maybelline New York’s Color Show line: Neutral Statement and Gilded Rose. As my twenty fourth birthday is right around the corner, I wanted more a neutral glam look on my nails this week. When I saw Gilded Rose at Target, I was attracted to the rose gold color and glitter specs - it is absolutely beautiful. To make the Gilded Rose pop, I knew I needed a neutral base and picked Neutral Statement from the same line.

If you purchase these two colors, be aware that Neutral Statement will need a few layers as the first few applications on your nails is thin and streaky. After evenly layering Neutral Statement, you only need one to two layers of Gilded Rose for this look. As always, don't forget a top coat!

Readers, what other colors do you think I should try from the Maybelline New York’s Color Show line? Share your recommendations down in the comments below. We’ll talk again soon.

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