Manicure Monday: White On White

Nail Background Credit to "Conversational Scenic," "Hand-Cut Exotic Repeat" and "Woven Marks" by Helen Dealtry, featured in Pattern Box 

Today’s manicure monday features China Glazes’ “White on White.” Although there are mixed feelings on wearing white nail polish, I love the clean look a white nail polish gives off on your nails and skin. The simplicity behind it is perfect for the spring season, since the color pops on all skin tones and will match or offset the colors of your outfits. I also have seen the white nail varnish look a lot on models who work the runway, which demonstrates a fashion trend to keep your eyes on. All in all, the look extremely versatile for everyone.

Overall, I am impressed by White On White. I only needed two coats of "White On White," and it dried quickly enough that I felt like the time between the drying and the top coat application was cut in half. 

Readers, what do you think about the white nail polish look? And as March is slowly wrapping up, what things are you looking forward to in April? Or what were some of your favorite looks from March? Leave them in the comments below - I would love to hear from you.

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