If Looks Could Kill

Even the good girl has an inner bad girl…

“If Looks Could Kill” is my interpretation on “the good girl gone bad” image. I wanted to create a look that is absolutely different than my regular image for various reasons. The first reason being that I have been wanting to create a look around a bold lip, as a bold lip color radiates more confidence through the individual who wears it. I also have been wanting to get out of my comfort zone, and try different looks than my personal style. To me, I think it is important to switch up your style once in a while, because you never know what will or will not work if you don’t try the look out - there are no boundaries when it comes to fashion. And I wanted another reason to shoot in my favorite pair of sneaker wedges from XHIL at Target, before summer is over.

My inspiration for “If Looks Could Kill” came from a few songs: “Partition” by Beyonce, “F**k Love” by Iggy Azalea, “BO$$” by Fifth Harmony, and “The Baddest Female” by CL. All of these songs have a urban rustic and hip hop feel to them with different interpretations of a woman’s confidence and the bad girl image. Hence I skewed “If Looks Could Kill” towards just that - an urban rustic, hip hop look to articulate the inner confidence in all of us.

In “If Looks Could Kill,” I am wearing a “NYC” hat I purchased from Forever 21, a jean jacket with leather sleeves that I thrifted, a plain crew cut white tee, a gold chain necklace, black shorts from H&M and my sneaker wedges from XHIL. The jacket adds the urban texture to the entire look, because of the materials it is made of: jean and leather - two textile textures that are seen in many urban looks. Along with the combination of textiles, the colors coordinate very well with another. And lastly on my lips, I am wearing “Cherries In The Snow” (440), a creme lipstick by Revlon.

I really enjoyed shooting "If Looks Could Kill," because it allowed me to have fun and create an opposing image of myself, while still exuding another level of confidence. Thank you Michelle, as always for shooting "If Looks Could Kill" with me. Everyone, I will see you in my next one. Have a wonderful August, and stay confident and fashionable.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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