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Lovely Intermission

Happy March, everyone! Was it just me or did it feel like February ended quickly than expected? The month of March always makes me a little bit more nervous for two reasons - the phrase “March Madness” holds true in my professional and personal life, and in about two months, I turn another year older. As much as I can prepare for the inevitable, March will be another busy month and will pass like a blink of an eye. However I am looking forward to attending a few events in March and attending my very first Warriors game at Oracle Arena. Last year in my “The MVP” post, I had mentioned that I hope I would be able to attend at least one game and now it’s in fruition.

Before I start on a Warriors tangent, today I bring to you “Lovely Intermission,” a sweet, Springtime look. I know the official Spring season starts in a few weeks, but I wanted to slowly transition Spring outfits for a little bit of sunshine on the Crystal Avenue, before rain is expected to hit the bay area at the end of the week.

Shot by Andrew, I am wearing a geometric dress by Marc Jacobs that was gifted to me by one of my cousins in “Lovely Intermission.” As a fan of Marc Jacobs, this dress is an effortless v-neck cocktail dress to style for a day or night out. For “Lovely Intermission,” I wanted the dress to be the focal point for a day date, thus I styled my accessories in the same cool tone. I went for my trusty grey heels to match against the geometric patterns, and kept my earrings and watch on the simplistic side for an overall, elegant feel.

Have a wonderful March everyone, and I will see you again soon!

Photography by Andrew Lam

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