The Crystal Avenue x Tobi Collaboration: Spotless Mind

The Crystal Avenue x Tobi Collaboration: Spotless Mind

Don’t stop the presses cause your eyes are not deceiving you. This is my second lookbook of the week on the Crystal Avenue. You might be wondering, “She has not posted two lookbooks in one week in a while. What is the special occasion?” If you couldn’t tell from the title of today’s post, I have teamed up with Tobi, an online women’s fashion boutique in Los Angeles to bring to you a three part collaboration series. Before I go into the details of the first series, I wanted to thank Kristel and everyone at Tobi for this opportunity to collaborate and letting me style their pieces for The Crystal Avenue. I also wanted to give my sister, Michelle, a big shout out and another set of a million thank yous for shooting the Tobi collaboration series - you are the best.

The first series, “Spotless Mind,” features the Amy ribbed midi dress from Tobi. Since Summer is not over yet, I chose the white and black version. However if you do not like that color combination, Tobi also has a black and white version. When I saw the dress online, I knew I wanted to create an effortless everyday look. With the Amy ribbed midi dress as my foundation, I paired the look with a denim jacket, gold leaf earrings, my Daniel wellington watch, and black booties. As the dress has black stripes, I wanted a texture contrast, thus I felt the denim jacket was the perfect fit to showcase the body con form. Plus, you can never go wrong with a denim jacket, right?

I’ll see you in my next Tobi collaboration post. Have a good weekend everyone!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen
Amy Ribbed Midi Dress by Tobi

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