All Out of Love

All Out of Love

Hello, everyone! It feels like it has been a duration of time since I sat down and blogged. If you were curious, I have been on the run lately in between juggling my 8 to 5 job, volunteering, spontaneous adventures, creating new memories with loved ones, shooting content for The Crystal Avenue, and somehow having some me time. Don’t get me wrong. I love learning and keeping busy every single day. I do have a tendency to strain myself, so I might be a little under the weather now. So as a constant reminder to myself and for you today, be sure to take care of yourself first and remember mental health days are very important.   

I wanted to shift gears today and showcase a different, bolder makeup look than my go to makeup for photoshoots. I typically stick with my everyday makeup and vamp the look by adding bronzer, highlight, some color on my eyelids and a pair of falsies. For makeup, I have same ideology as I do with fashion, which is to take more risks.  Thus for today’s look, “All Out of Love,” I collaborated with two of my friends, Kelly Dinh for the makeup, and Danielle Park for the photographer, to bring the lookbook to the Crystal Avenue. Many thanks Kelly and Danielle for being creative with me and capturing me in another light - to many more collaborations!

I know, I know “All Out of Love” is another monochromatic look. I am not entirely sure why I have been skewing towards monochromatic looks lately. It might be because of my mood or it is because I wanted to style pants, since I have not showcased pants in a while. For “All Out of Love,” I am wearing a ruffled top from Zara. As the top is airy, I wanted to have the look less boxy and paired the top with my slacks from H&M. For my accessories, I wanted all of my accessories to have some gold detailed lining. Thus I went with my Daniel Wellington watch, earrings with an equilateral triangle design, and my target faux snake heels with a gold lining.

Photography by Danielle Park

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