Twenty Seven

It has been 365 days, and another chapter and year of my life has officially closed. When I look back at my “Twenty Six” post, I find myself smiling and chuckling. The reason why I was smiling and chuckling is I asked for twenty six to bring it on and I definitely got what I asked for. As my life turned 180 degrees in a matter of a few months of being twenty six, I don’t take any of the little or big lessons and opportunities for granted. Although I miss the days when life felt simpler and my heart was lighter and happier, I know it is not healthy to have thoughts from the past linger in your present or future. Thus my big take-aways for twenty six consisted of the following: taking better care of my heart, mind, and soul, redefining my relationships with others, and knowing what I deserve and what I want.

So what’s to come? I am looking forward to staying stern, traveling to new and old cities, letting go of things I cannot control, spending more time with loved ones, continuing to patch up my heart and defining what self love means to me, growing the Crystal Avenue, and living in the moment. There is still a hefty amount of life to sort out, and I am taking life one day at a time. Before I continue on, here is to being another year older. As always, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining and supporting me on this adventure. Let’s buckle up for the next 365 days.

For my twenty seventh birthday, I wanted to shoot a look that is more fitting to my personality. Lately, my lookbooks have been more of me posing on the serious side. If you know me personally, you know my pictures are deceiving in the fact that I am not that serious in real life. I love to hear a good pun, to crack jokes at myself, and to laugh way too loudly at something that really isn’t all that funny. And so, who else to better capture this lookbook and my silly self than my very own sister, Michelle? I wanted to say a big thank you to my sister, Michelle, for capturing me in a different light. Also, I decided that I wanted to shoot on the beach, as the beach is one of the places I feel at peace and at home.

With Spring in full force, I chose “La Brea,” a light blue gray, tropical print dress from LuLu’s for “Twenty Seven.” The dress is super flirty and is perfect for a day out at the beach, brunch and shopping with your girlfriends, or a date with your significant other-whichever the case, you’ll definitely be a show stopper. Two things I love the most about the “La Brea” dress is the tropical print and the lace up design on the back of the dress. The tropical print reminds me of a previous vacation to Hawaii, where the phrase “Hakuna Matata” was prevalent, while the lace up design is subtle form of showing skin, without revealing too much. If you are thinking of purchasing the “La Brea,” you will need a strapless bra or nipple covers to wear the dress.

Overall, I am excited for what's to come. For now, I'll be out and about celebrating another year. If you’re curious on what I’m doing for my birthday, come and find out on my social media feeds. I promise I won’t be knitting sweaters, even though I wanted to. I will see you all again soon. Cheers and take care!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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