Without A Trace

Hello, hello! Start listening to “6,8,12” by Brian McKnight, because it's been six months, eight days, twelve hours since I went away. I am kidding! Even though the time duration feels longer, it has only been a month since I posted on the Crystal Avenue. I don’t want to go through too many details, but I needed to take a little hiatus from the Crystal Avenue and my social media outlets. However, I am starting to get back into the swing of things, so thank you for being patient.

I finally received the opportunity to shoot a look at night for the first time and with two of the photographers I have been working with: Andrew and Michelle. Overall, it was a fun learning experience to adapt to the darkness, pausing for pedestrians that were walking by, and to utilize the photography tools we had to make the shoot work. Before I get into the outfit details, I want to thank Andrew and Michelle again for taking the time to shoot and experiencing a night shoot with me. You both are awesome!

“Without A Trace” is a minimalistic look. I started with a pastel blue flowy blouse from J.Crew, tucking a portion of it into my default black jean shorts from H&M. The reasons why I chose to tuck in a portion of the J.Crew blouse is to make the look less boxy and not to have the top drown my shorts and I in. For my outerwear, I wanted a piece that fit the following criteria: lightweight, drapey, and in a form of a trench coat to continue the minimalistic vibe and to take the look into the night. Luckily, I found the perfect drapey trench jacket from 2020ave that was flowy, had pockets, and lightweight enough for the long summer nights. For my accessories, I chose a pair of faux black studs and my Anne Klein watch. I finished “Without A Trace” with a pair of black heels from Jessica Simpson.  

With the 4th of July coming up, do you have any plans for the long weekend? Tell me about it below and I will see you all again soon! Take care!

Photography by Andrew Lam

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