A Piece of Me

In light of Mother’s Day, I wanted to do something special for a very important person in my life: my mother. My mother has always been one of my biggest supporters in my life. Whether the event was a huge milestone or a just a new venture I wanted to take, she was always rooting alongside for me. With my mother’s love and support, I always felt that there was nothing in the world I couldn’t conquer. If I failed or when life became difficult, her love and warm hugs would always be there. She would reassure me that “there is always next time or another opportunity ahead for me.”

Mom, as you are one of my biggest supporters, there is nothing in this world that I could repay you back for everything you have done for me. However it does not mean that I won’t try to find someway to do so every day, because I am eternally grateful to you. You have given me life and shown me unconditional love. I hope when the day comes that I become a mother, I can give and showcase the same amount of love to them as you give me. Con có được ngày
hôm nay vì Mẹ luôn luôn chăm sóc con. Mọi điều, lớn hoặc chuyện nhỏ không bao giờ quên. Tình thương của con cho Mẹ là mãi mãi.

Therefore today, “A Piece of Mẹ” is dedicated to her. I went through her old photographs in the 80s and chose a look to replicate that she wore to work, incorporating a little bit of my style into the look. In my mother’s look, she is wearing a white blazer with a white cami underneath. She chose navy jeans and cuffed them a little bit above her ankles, allowing her jeans to sit above her black platform boots. For her accessories, she went for a statement necklace with a white watch and silver bracelet.

As a working woman, the outfit my mother put together is definitely something I would wear to work and take it to the night for a casual outing with a couple of friends. For my look “A Piece of Mẹ,” I chose to keep the color palette the same. Starting with the top portion, I went for a fitted blazer from H&M made of polyester and viscose, and layered a cami underneath. Unlike my mom’s look, I chose to tuck in my cami underneath my Levi’s jeans for shape and to continue the fitted theme. For my accessories, I went for a watch from Anne Klein and a gold tiered necklace from Dailylook that I received from a previous elite box. I really like the aesthetic of necklace and how it sits on my neck and collarbone. To complete the look, I finished with my Steve Madden booties that were also featured in my looks “XO” and “Blue Moon.” So what can I say? I get it from my momma.

There is no love in the world that is comparable to a mother’s love. Happy Mother’s day again, Mẹ and all the individuals who are or play the role of being a mother in the world. You all deserve more credit and appreciation than just one day. See you all again on Friday!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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