Red Bullet

Happy November, everyone! If you are residing in the bay area, the fluctuating weather has brought us some rain in the morning and was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the rain was short lived. Hopefully the rain will be back soon, because California needs it.

With a brand new month, I wanted to introduce a new photographer that I finally had the opportunity to work with: Joan Ho. Joan and I have known each other since middle school. Throughout the years that I have known Joan, she has always been a very talented, artistic, and sweet individual. I feel very blessed to know and to work with such a creative soul like hers. Before I get into the outfit details, I wanted to thank you Joan for taking out the time to work with me! I can’t wait for our future shoots.

Lipstick is often referenced as a bullet, due to the style and compartment. Hence, I titled and bring to you “Red Bullet.” There are a few focal points to “Red Bullet” that I wanted to hone in on. The first evident focal point is the color palette: red, white and gray. As I have been wanting to create a bold look, I went towards a white ensemble to have the colors congruent with one another. In effect, the outfit gives a vibe of effortless consistency. On the topic of consistency, the second focal point of “Red Bullet,” is the placement of the color red in my look. I wanted to wear red in the upper, middle and lower portion of my outfit to color block. And for the third focal point, I went for 8 Other Reasons Be Brave Necklace from my Dailylook Elite box add an extra pop with a statement piece to “Red Bullet.”   

Before I wrap up on “Red Bullet,” completely, be sure to check out Joan’s website and work as well. Have a good rest of your week and I will see you all again soon.

"Red Bullet" Outfit Details:
Uniqlo’s Legging Pants
8 Other Reasons Be Brave Necklace
Dress Shirt from H&M (Similar) 
Anne Klein Watch
XHIL Target Heels
Back Pack from XHIL Target
MAC’s He Said, She Said Lip Pencil
MAC’s Viva Glam A65

Photography by Joan Ho

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