Chapter One: The Scholar

The color of the leaves are slowly transitioning, and the universities are back in session. In college, my style was definitely more laidback and casual at UCSC. Since the UCSC campus is built on a mountainside with varying elevations, there are a lot of footbridges and my choice of soles typically gravitated towards flats or sneakers. However if I needed to dress up for an occasion, I packed an extra bag of heels in my back pack to wear after I arrived to the event’s destination on campus.

Graphic tees are a must have, as they are very easy to style up or down and are a foundation for many everyday outfits in college. For “Chapter One: The Scholar,” I chose a graphic tee from Jacqueline De Young’s line. When I saw the graphic tee on ASOS, I was entranced from the simplicity of Jacqueline De Young’s print of the headphones. The print speaks to me, as headphones are a representation of blocking out the madness of our lives and outside noise to create an ambient space for only you.

Over the headphones graphic tee, I am wearing a navy blue cardigan from Forever 21 for a layer of warmth throughout the day. To continue to preppy casual look, I am wearing my 54S.1747 jeans from H&M, which are becoming one of my favorite pairs of jeans, and a pair of suede tan oxfords. For my accessories, I am wearing my North Face back pack, a pair of pearl earrings and kept a pair of faux glasses nearby, if I wanted to make the entire look preppy.

Throughout college, we may feel the tendency to dress down and casually more often because we are caught up in our academics, extracurriculars, work, sports, and friendships. Regardless of how busy we are, we always have a little time to look collected with the basics in your closet throughout the academic year to be a snazzy looking scholar. Have an awesome first day back to your stomping grounds and school year! Come back to the Crystal Avenue on Wednesday for another look for college students. 

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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