Sapphire Skies

What happens when you find a grassland, put a girl in a high/low sweetheart dress and stilettos with a bronze necklace and pearl earrings? Sapphire skies.

If you have been following me for a while, you may recognize this high/low sweetheart dress from my youtube video. For “Sapphire Skies,” I wanted to showcase the same dress in a different setting: summer. Before summer drifts away from us, I wanted to put together a look that intertwines hints of edginess and romance. Instead of layering the dress with either a jacket or cardigan, I wanted the dress to shine and have the accessories increase the edgy elegance. 

The accessories I chose for this look was a bronze necklace from Target, my go to pearl earrings, and my favorite gold & black heels from Aldo. I chose accessories that coincide with one another by their design and color, which allowed me to play off the beige color, and the design of the black pleated bodice and criss cross back. Since beige is a neutral color and the design of the dress is very romantic, I picked accessories with the same feel. To speak on one of the jewelry pieces, the design of bronze necklace is reminiscent of Egyptian jewelry. As a result, the bronze necklace emphasizes the edgy elegance of the entire look without taking away the spotlight from the dress. 

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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