Happy Manicure Monday, everyone! I know, I know - it has been quite some time since my last Manicure Monday post. With June quickly wrapping up, I wanted to switch things up and end the month with a Manicure Monday instead of a fashion post.

Today’s Manicure Monday features Urban Outfitter’s Powder Puff, a beautiful blue green color. Previously I reviewed Urban Outfitter’s Left Bank, and absolutely fell in love with the color and application - Powder Puff is no different. The vibrancy of Powder Puff gives my hands an extra pop of color, which is perfect for the summer season. For the technical portion, the application of Powder Puff was smooth and I only needed two layers. Before applying a top coat to seal Powder Puff in for the week, the waiting time for Powder Puff felt fairly quick, which is always a plus for me.

To my followers, I hope your Monday will not be a manic monday. If it does get crazy, put a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk to liven up your space and mood!  I also hope June was good to you all, and I will see you all in July!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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