The Bright Side

Happy, happy Friday everyone! I apologize for my lack of post this week. I decided to step away from the avenue and social media space for a few days to recoup and get my creative juices flowing again.

When life can give us turmoil, there is always a bright side. Life may not change for the better within the next day, week, or month, but there is always hope when we take the time to step back and look at the bright side of things. With that said, today features “The Bright Side” when I was on the UCLA campus, specifically at Royce Hall. As the campus was absolutely beautiful, I had to seize the opportunity and shoot a few looks while I was there.

In “The Bright Side,” I am wearing an abstract print cardigan as my statement piece. Underneath the cardigan, I am wearing a black tank and my pearl burgundy shorts from H&M for a pop of color. To complete the look, I paired it with my trusty wedges. For this look, I really liked playing with contrasting the lengths of pieces. With the long cardigan and short shorts, the vibe exudes a girly yet laid-back feel. Also, for someone who is not super tall, the combination gives the impression of being tall and longer legs. 

So remember to take a step back, pause for a brief moment, and just enjoy life in that mere moment. Don't forget to smile and laugh too! I’ll see you guys again soon. 

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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