Last weekend, I was in the city of angels for my brother’s graduation from UCLA. The weather gurus were in our favor, and gave us absolutely beautiful during his three ceremonies. If you follow me on instagram (@thecrystalavenue), I shared a clip of my brother walking after his first graduation ceremony. Before I delve into the fashion portion of my look, I wanted to share a picture of my siblings and I from my brother’s graduation ceremony below:

Starting from the left to right is my older sister Michelle, who is also my soul sister and photographer. In the middle, we have my younger brother Daniel, who is also my best friend and videographer. And then, there is me. As you both probably know already, I love our siblingship and I am so thankful to have you both in my life. Thank you for both for everything. Nguyen siblings 5ever.

If you are still reading this blog post Daniel, I have a separate short message for you: Congratulations on completing your undergraduate career from UCLA. Even though we were and still are roughly 340 miles away from one another, our siblingship will never falter. I watched you grow up from afar, and I honestly could not be more proud of your accomplishments. Here is to the next chapter on your journey, your avenue. There is no doubt I will with you, every step of the way.

As graduations are a time of happiness, reflection, and accomplishments, it is also a time for graduates to look their best as well since they will be photographed throughout the day. For Daniel’s first graduation, I kept my look very simple as an attendee. I wore my favorite low-high skirt, gold braided hair band and earrings from Forever 21, a basic cami and gladiator sandals from Urban Outfitters. An additional picture is featured below. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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