Oh it’s Friday, and I’m in love! Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for this weekend?

The outfit for “Ray of Light” is another look I have been wanting to style and put together, but the weather did not permit for it until now. Like most fashion bloggers, I love playing with different patterns and textures. Thus when I saw the stripe, tribal print shorts at Bebe, I knew the shorts would be a fun, yet challenging piece to style in my closet. The reason why I think it is a challenging piece, because the shorts are loud pattern and if they are not styled appropriately, the overall look would be messy. When I am styling a loud piece, I think about colors that would help neutralize the look. Rather than picking pieces that would clash with the shorts, I kept the upper half clean by choosing pieces with solid colors. In the case of “Ray of Light,” since white and black are the colors on the shorts, the look becomes neutralized when I pair the look with a basic white cami and my heels from Apostrophe. However I wanted to add a little bit of color and glam, hence I added a Forever 21 navy blue cardigan and gold hoop earrings from H&M.

Details and additional pictures are below. Have a wonderful weekend, sweets! I will see you back here on the Crystal Avenue on Sunday. Be sure to stroll by then.

Photography by Andrew Lam

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