Floral Vibes

Where has the time gone? The Spring season is quickly dwindling down, but that does not mean you have to pack away your floral prints for the summer.  For today’s post “Floral Vibes,” I put together a laid back look for Summer. Whether you are taking road trips, having backyard BBQ weekends, or just soaking up the sun with a few friends at a concert, “Floral Vibes” is for you.

In “Floral Vibes,” I am wearing a black bomber jacket and shorts from H&M, a floral print dress from Forever 21, and my wedges from Target. At first glance, you probably could not tell I was wearing a floral print dress, since I tucked it into my shorts. However the material of floral print dress is rather thin, and the cut is short, I made the choice to be versatile. I truly believe in maxing out the pieces in your wardrobe, because you can create or even re-create more looks without breaking bank and using your pieces to their full potential.

On the tangent of florals, I am featured on www.famecherry.com for my previous look “June Sunrays.” Thank you so much Shanaz for the feature! Please check out www.famecherry.com and her post on floral prints here, as it is very informative on finding the perfect summer dress for your body type. Till next time, lovelies! 

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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