Crystal Nguyen

Manicure Monday: Ombre Nails

Crystal Nguyen

Hello everyone! Today’s Manicure Monday features an ombre nail design. As a popular trend, the ombre nails gives off a gradient and rainbow-like effect, where a dark color blends and fades into a lighter color towards the tip, or vice versa. This gradient effect is not only popular in nails, but also in hair and in fashion, because it is eye catching and is an interesting spin on art and beauty. 

Unlike my typical Manicure Mondays, the ombre nail application process is a little bit more time consuming. To start the ombre nails, you will need a white base. I would layer at least two to three even coats of the white base, and add a layer of a top coat to ensure that the white nail polish is evenly distributed and dry. After the white base is dry, you will need one cosmetic wedge.

I picked three colors to complete the ombre nail varnish: Spontaneous by China Glaze, Lollipop Lullaby by H&M, and To Buy or Not To By by Essie. Starting with the darkest layer and nail polish, Spontaneous by China Glaze, I put one line of each nail varnish. Once all three nail varnishes are on the cosmetic wedge, I started pressing the wedge on top of my nail base from left to right, until I received the gradient effect I wanted. Also, the nail varnishes will get on your skin, so be sure to get a q-tip with nail polish remover, to wipe and clean the residue off of your skin.

Before I wrap up today’s Manicure Monday, I wanted to explain why I chose this nail design for this week, as it is a little bit more on the personal side. As Mother’s Day is next weekend, I wanted to dedicate this Manicure Monday post to my mother, aunts, and my beloved grandmother, who I lost early this year. To not get into too many details, on the day I gave my final goodbye to my beloved grandmother, my family and I witnessed a rainbow. My grandmother’s favorite color was purple, hence as a homage to her, the ombre nail design only made sense to me for today's Manicure Monday. To conclude, the unconditional love and support from the women in my family is something that I could never truly repay back, so I wanted to dedicate, show, and tell them that I appreciate everything they have done for me - I love you all so much. Happy Early Mother’s Day.

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