Purchasing a nail varnish from Ciaté London at Sephora has been on my list of must-have nail polishes for the longest time, as Ciaté London nail polishes intrigued me with their packaging and colors. Before I could put my hands on one, my cousin Priscilla gifted me with the Dolls House Collection for my birthday. Thank you so much, Priscilla! As a huge fan of pastels, I love all of the colors in the Dolls House Collection.

Today’s Manicure Monday features “Baby Doll” from Ciaté London’s Dolls House Collection. The color is reminiscent of a pastel pink, and applies on matte and has a porcelain finish. Although the brush application is a bit streaky, the nail polish itself dried fairly quickly and will require applying a few layers. For me, I needed about four to five even layers to receive the look that I wanted.

Overall, I am pretty happy “Baby Doll” from Ciaté London’s Dolls House Collection as “Baby Doll” is a really pretty in pink look. I can’t wait to try the other colors in the collection for my future Manicure Monday posts - be sure to stay tune!

And before the day is over, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! I’ll see you again very soon.  

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