Happy May, everyone!

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how quick time is flying by. The beginning of April honestly did not feel like too long ago, and here we are, tackling the month I refer to as Mayhem. Not only are there are quite a number of tasks I have to accomplish within this month, there are quite a number of events happening like mother’s day, graduations, and my twenty fourth birthday. It is all very exciting and nerve wrecking, all at the same time. What plans do you have for May? Is your birthday also in May too? Share them in the comments below - I would love to hear from you.

As May reminds me of iced tea and sweet flowers, I am wearing a Brett Dress from Abercombie & Fitch in light turquoise. When I was shopping online for a new spring dress for my wardrobe, I was automatically attracted to the color of the Brett Dress. The color is absolutely beautiful, and it really does compliment all skin tones. And, the floral print also adds a pop of cuteness.

If you do not own or never tried on a skater dress before, the skater dress is known to be tight at the bodice, and comfortable and free-flowing at the bottom, which makes this dress absolutely perfect for a spring or summer day out at the park or beach. The dress is still available on Abercrombie, if you are still interested in buying the dress. Click here, if you would like more information on or would like to purchase the Brett Dress. To complete the “Miss May” look, I paired my trusty Aldo heels to showcase a sweet, romantic look.

Have a wonderful weekend. Till next time, friends!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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