Hello everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? Rain or shine, I hope it was good and relaxing. Today’s blog post is something special and different than my usual fashion blog posts. I bring to you, my very first youtube video. Please check it out below:

The video idea sprung from a few avenues. A month ago, I was thinking about how I could challenge myself and continue to grow creatively. I came across Chris Rice’s “Here Come Those Eyes” on Pandora Radio, and I instantly fell inspired to create a fashion video with this melodic tune. At first, I wasn’t certain on how I should express my looks through a video.

However after a night of brainstorming, the idea clicked. Chris Rice’s “Here Come Those Eyes” is expresses the nervousness and excitement of looking at and being with someone you are with. Although it may be a mere infatuation, the feeling of looking at a crush is innocent and intoxicating. And so, I wanted to combine two styles of videography together: a lookbook and an music video.

With the theme of “Here Comes Those Eyes,” and the videography styles, I incorporated the concepts together and captured the essence of first encounters, through the eyes of a crush, to bring to you “Spring Lookbook.” As the point of view is from the crush, I wanted to express the fondness and endorphins an individual would feel when they are infatuated or in love with someone. Hence, when I was recording “Spring Lookbook,” I had to continually keep in mind that my interactions with the camera would be similar to interacting with a crush or boyfriend. Overall, shooting “Spring Lookbook” was very fun and before I get into the outfit details, I would like to thank my brother, Daniel (Danyosaur Illustrations) for being my videographer for “Spring Lookbook.” I really appreciate all of your assistance on this project with me.

As the Spring weather has been fluctuating in California, I put together three different every day/date looks in “Spring Lookbook” for you guys. In the first look, I wore a High/Low Sweetheart dress and Handlet from Dailylook. The High/Low Sweetheart dress gives off a very sweet and romantic look. Since the day I recorded the video it was a little bit windy, I paired the dress with a neutral gray cardigan from Banana Republic to stay warm throughout the day. To finish off the look, I chose my trusty booties from the Mossimo line at Target and a handlet from Dailylook for an extra edge.

In the second look, I wore a stripe tank top and leather jacket from H&M, cigarette stilt jeans from Adriano Goldschmied (AG), earrings from Forever 21, and Kiki heels from the XHIL line at Target. With that said, the second look is a little bit more on casual dressy side. As I wanted to show a little bit of variety for different situations, the entire outfit is fairly simple. However to jazz up the look and give it a little bit of attitude when you are out with your friends or lovebug, be sure to accessorize the look with a flashy or interesting pair of earrings and heels - it will always turn heads.

And in the last look, I wore a dress from XOXO, heels from Nine West, and my go to watch from the Merona line at Target. The dress from XOXO is currently my favorite Spring dress because I love the simplicity and the design of the dress. Overall, the dress is very girly and enhances your features. I also did not add too many accessories to the third look, as I wanted the focal point to be on the dress.

Let me know what you think of my first lookbook either on youtube or in the comments below! If you enjoyed it and want me to do more videos in the future, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

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