Broken Strings

As the weekend is slowly approaching and there are a few concert events happening this weekend, such as Coachella, I wanted to put a music festival inspired look together. For this look, I wanted to stray away from the floral prints and maxi skirts, and put a music festival inspired look based more on practicality and comfort.

Since the weather for musical festivals are typically warm, I chose simple pieces: a stripe tank and shorts that I thrifted, and paired it with a light jacket from Brandy Melville. If I was attending Coachella or another concert this weekend and the weather is warmer than expected, I would strap my jacket around my waist in the morning to the afternoon. Once the weather cools down, then I would wear the jacket as seen above. You can’t really go wrong with extra security, especially with the weather always fluctuating between sun and cloudy skies. To further style the look, I added a spike hair band that I purchased from Forever 21 and chose my comfortable gladiator shoes for a little bit more spice and attitude.


Although I won’t be attending this year’s Coachella, I am super jealous of those who will be attending since the line up is amazing for both weekends. If you are attending this years Coachella or another music festival, tell me about it when you get back below. Have fun, stay safe, and be sure to pack the essentials (sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet, phone and water)! I’ll meet you back here at the Crystal Avenue again soon.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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