Time Stands Still

Throughout our lives, there are moments in time where we want time to stand still, as life often passes by too quickly. We crave the recollection from certain experiences. From falling in love to articulate conversations at dinners parties with good company, we absorb these moments in our lives as they remind us to not take anything for granted.

For today’s post, I wanted to encapsulate the feeling of time standing still in fashion. As photographs are one of the best mediums to showcase stillness and a moment in time, in “Time Stands Still,” I am wearing a top from Asos and a low-high skirt from Forever 21. Both the Asos top and the Forever 21 low-high skirt are very form fitting, thus the pieces allows different curves to be emphasized. Also, I really like the material of these two simple pieces - the Asos top is made out of elastic and viscose, a fiber similar to rayon, and the Forever 21 dress is made out of polyester.

Since the color choice of the entire outfit is cool toned, I wanted to continue to keep it cool by pairing it with my Mossimo heels. The details on the heels is very intriguing - the design of the outer layer of the heel is like artificial snake skin, while there is a gold lining at the front of the heel.  An additional shot and details of the top, skirt and shoes are pictured below.

Readers, is there anything you would like me to blog about and give fashion advice, inspiration or tips on next? Leave them in the comments below and your fashion inquiry may be featured in the weeks to come. Also, be sure to meet me at the Crystal Avenue on Friday for another fashion post.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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