Manicure Monday: Plaza Plumberry & Rooftop Party

Manicure Monday: Plaza Plumberry & Rooftop Party

Nail Background Credit to "Lacy Garden," "Hana," "Secret Garden," and "Time California" by Hannah Schultz, featured in "Pattern Box"

What a case of the Mondays. Was it just me, or was today just a tad bit busier than normal? Whether it is because of daylight savings or not, I found myself thrown back when my work day was over at 5pm.

As I just came back from dinner and good company with two of my greatest friends, Cindy and Michael, I wanted to wind down a bit more and write. Therefore, today’s manicure monday features NYC’s Plaza Plumberry and H&M’s Rooftop Party. I was craving a plum color on my nails, and came across NYC’s Plaza Plumberry in my nail polish collection. The color is very beautiful alone. However I also wanted a little bit of glam, so I topped it with H&M’s Rooftop Party - a clear top coat with glitter specs in different shades of pink.  

When I previously wore Plaza Plumberry, the color lasted for roughly a week and a half without chipping, which is surprising for a nail polish with a value of $1 at Target. Thus I would recommend NYC’s Plaza Plumberry, if you are looking for a cheap and vampy, long lasting plum color.

A detailed, close up picture is below. See you again on Wednesday!


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