Manicure Monday: Caribbean Temptation

Nail Background Credit to "Anemone," "Sinister Garden" and "Time Traveller" by Victoria Garcia, featured in "Pattern Box"

Today’s manicure Monday features China Glaze’s Caribbean Temptation - a bright fuchsia color that is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. I know the spring season is still a few weeks away, so for now, Caribbean Temptation will just be my pick me up for the week.

When I purchased Caribbean Temptation, I was not sure how the color was going to reflect on my nails. As Caribbean Temptation is a fuchsia color, it also has hints of metallic purples, which makes Caribbean Temptation a duo chrome nail polish. Thus when I applied Caribbean Temptation to my nails, I swooned at the beauty and vibrancy. 

Overall, the texture of the nail polish is smooth and even, and dried fairly quickly, which is consistent throughout China Glaze’s collection. Readers, do you have any favorite fuchsia colors you think I should try out  and review during the upcoming sping and summer seasons? Leave them in the comments below.

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