Manicure Monday: We're In It Together

Nail Background Credit to "Reflection Viridian," "Solitaire Pool," and "Ula Cerulean" by Eskayel, featured in Pattern Box 

Today’s manicure monday features Essie’s “We’re In This Together,” a sheer baby pink color.

“We’re In This Together,” is an absolute beautiful baby pink color. However, there is a slight downside to this color. Since “We’re In This Together” is so sheer, you will need to layer the nail varnish a few times before the color becomes opaque. For me, I had to layer “We’re In This Together” about four to five times. Thus, I only recommend applying and wearing “We’re In This Together” when you have the time and the patience to do so.

On the contrary, you can use “We’re In This Together” as a layering nail varnish. Two ways I would wear “We’re In This Together” would be to first apply a white nail polish as the base. Once the white nail varnish has dried, you can layer on “We’re In This Together” for a subtle hint of baby pink on your nails, showcasing the little specs and flecks of the blue and violet glitter. The second option would be to wear a “We’re In This Together” over a light pink nail varnish to enhance the romantic look.  

Happy Manicure Monday, everyone!

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