Kickin' It

For today’s look “Kickin’ It,” I wanted to put together a more casual outfit. As this past weekend in California, the weather was absolutely beautiful, and I took the opportunity to make sure I got in some sun and play time. Hence, I paired my favorite black v-neck from H&M, high waisted shorts and belt from Forever 21, and my sneakers from Target. When I am outside, running around with my nieces and nephews on the play skate or riding my bike with a few girlfriends around the trails in the bay area, I prefer to be comfortable than fashionable.

However you don’t need to lose your sense of fashion or style when you are active outside. Basic pieces like our favorite tees, and high waisted shorts allow us to still be fashionable and comfortable. Also, color coordination and accessories in our pieces adds a little flair to a casual outfit. In addition to color coordination and accessories, the shoes also determines the look. Since I paired “Kickin’ It” with sneakers, the look is definitely more laid-back. However if I was spending the day at the lake, as another option, I would pair the look with a cute pair of gladiator sandals.

Readers, see you here on Thursday!

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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