Manicure Monday: Left Bank

Nail Background Credit to "Another Perfect Day" and "Bring a Snack" by Paper Milk

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

In light of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s manicure Monday features Urban Outfitter’s Left Bank - a light, pastel green color. As the season for pastel colors will be in full throttle on Thursday, my attention went directly to Left Bank. 

At the Urban Outfitter’s I went to, I had the opportunity to test Left Bank before making my purchases, as they put out a tester for all their nail polishes. When I tested Left Bank, I was pleasantly surprised that the nail polish did not apply shear, and I only needed two to three coats to seal the deal. Thus, I am excited to see how long Left Bank will last on my nails, as this is my very first nail polish that I now own from Urban Outfitters. Readers, are there any current colors you think I should try at Urban Outfitters? Leave them in the comments below. 

To conclude, there is something about Left Bank that reminds me of a honeydew smoothie, which right now, sounds absolutely perfect for a manic monday. I think it might be time to go for a quick drive and get one. Have a great rest of your Monday and St. Patrick's Day!

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