Kindred Warmth

Happy Wednesday! We've made it to the middle of the week. I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Looking back, we have touched on themes of relaxation, young love, and girlfriends. Did you find a look you are looking for yet? Well do not fret, as I have two more looks for you on the way. 

The theme of Kindred Warmth is for those who will be spending time with their families on Valentine's day or week. As a family orientated individual, I believe the most import kind of love is family. Although Valentine's Day only comes around once year, we should always be grateful and showering our family with love. By showing we appreciate everything our family does for us, there is really no need to give any gifts on Valentine's Day. To me, what is necessary is just your time with your loved ones. As time is of the essence, every moment we are given to spend with our families we should not take for granted since tomorrow is not promised.

When I am with my family, I like to dress casual to almost dressy.  As seen above, I am wearing a french braid, a gray cardigan from Banana Republic, a top from H&M, a heart bracelet from Forever 21, jersey knit pants that I thrifted, and heels by Fioni Night. I also have my Michael Kors Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel, which I love because it fits everything I need without being too heavy or clunky. And this outfit can be worn for a lunch or a dinner date with your family.

A few songs that remind me of family and being thankful they are in our lives:

Photography by Chelle Nguyen