Catching Sweet Feelings

Do you remember the feeling of first dates? The rush, nervousness, and excitement somehow mesh together, and you just can't help but smile for what is possible - love. 

The theme for today is young love. I wanted to capture the innocence, joy and sweetness of a first date. Hence, I picked a floral pink dress from Cotton On, cream sweater, bow and necklace from Forever 21, white flats from H&M, and a black Steven Madden bag. Since the weather in California has been fluctuating, I chose to layer my cream sweater over the dress for warmth. I also opted for flats instead of heels to keep the look more comfortable. Additionally, I chose to keep the color palette very sweet and girly.

When I am putting my outfits together, I like to crank up my music. So what better way to try to shake out your nervousness and excitement for your first date and the following dates than in music? Give these few love songs a listen when you are feeling that rush:

To conclude, there is something about the feelings first dates exudes that I love. It might be the rush of mystery or the possibility of a new beginning with someone who is just as nervous as you. If we are lucky, the first date can be the beginning of an amazing love experience and the feeling of a first date will never go away when we are with the right person.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen