The Lady In Red

As Valentine's Day is only a day away, I saved my lady in red look for last in my Valentine's week series. Although the song may seem a little bit cliché and overplayed, I love meaning behind song "The Lady In Red" - a man who sees his lovely, confident, gorgeous wife/girlfriend, and realizes his love for her and how beautiful she is. Therefore, I wanted to capture the lady in red look for all the ladies this Valentine's Day. 

The color red signifies passion, desire, love, determination, and power. I know when I wear red, I feel at least two of those emotions. And so, I kept the look very true to the song and simple. I don't think you have to get too dolled up and extravagant to be the lady in red. I believe the true attraction that stemmed from this song was her beauty inside that reflects what is on the outside. 

For the lady in red look, I chose a body con dress from Forever 21, and paired it with my cream heels from Aldo for height. The body con dress is very feminine, and tugs at just the right places to show your curves. I kept my make up very simple: BB cream, concealer, a light wash of sin from the naked palette by Urban Decay, eyeliner, mascara and a nude lip. Also, I curled my hair and wore it to the side to complete the romantic look. Closer details are below:

I hope you enjoyed "The Lady in Red" look as well as all my looks within this week. Do you have a favorite look? Leave it in the comments below. Stay tuned tomorrow for a special themed post from me. 

Photography by Chelle Nguyen