Plaid With Me

Hello everyone! How is everyone's week looking so far? 

For today's look "Plaid With Me" is inspired by the weather. As the weather in California lately has been somewhat inconsistent from the cold, cloudy mornings, to a peak of sunny, breezy afternoons, and then off-and-on rainy nights, I wanted to put a look together that is casual and comfortable without worrying about what the weather will entail.

In this look, I layered a black tank top under a banana republic plaid shirt for a pop of color. Over the plaid shirt, I wore a green anorak H&M for warmth. To keep the look and colors cool, I chose my gray forever 21 skinnies and wore my combat boots from H&M. 

The look has a hint of prep and an androgynous feel. As a plaid shirt and anoraks are common basic pieces in most men and women's closets, the look can be worn and styled between both genders. For men, I would pair a similar look with either tan wingtips or a simple pair of sneakers. 

Normally, I would choose stilettos over combat boots on a non-rainy day. So for women, if you aren't a combat boots kinda gal and wouldn't mind walking in the rain with heels, I would pair it with black stilettos for height and a spark of femininity. 

Overall, the look is tailored to be simple, and the pair of shoes really determine the look and mood. So have fun and plaid away with me! 

Close up details are pictured below:

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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