She is Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with nothing but love and happiness for yourself, the one you are with, and your friends and family members. Even if you are spending the day as an advocate for S.A.D (Single Awareness Day), I also hope you are surrounding yourself with people who love you or doing activities to pamper and relax.

Today's post "She Is Love," is inspired by my sister, who asked me "How would you dress in love?" The question caught me off guard, but it enticed me to take on the challenge. Hence, if I could represent love in an outfit it would be one pictured below:

In this outfit, I am wearing an oversized white sweater and jeans from H&M, a hairband from Forever 21, a rose gold watch from Target and heels by Dexter. 

Although there are people who would automatically chose the colors red and pink to represent love, I chose white. As white represents light, goodness, purity and innocence, these words represent what love is to me. Love is light. Love is good. Love is pure. Love is innocence. So what color represents love for you? Share your thoughts with me below.

The off the shoulder look is timeless and romantic, thus I chose to wear the oversized H&M white sweater off the shoulder to emphasize the collar bone, as well as for a subtle sexy look without revealing too much skin. Also, I added the gold accessories to tie the whole romantic look together.

As simple as this outfit is, this outfit is one of my favorite looks because I was inspired by one of my favorite love songs called "She Is Love" (Acoustic Version) by Parachute. Through the eyes of a broken man, the beautiful riffs in this acoustic remedy emphasizes the personification of love. To see someone as love must be a magical feeling, and to find and know that is all you need, just makes sense to me - love exists.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen