Crystal Nguyentopshop, h&m

15 - Love

Crystal Nguyentopshop, h&m

Featuring today on the Crystal Avenue is “15 - Love.” I know I am not wearing anything remotely close to tennis apparel. Thus the name “15 - Love” for this look came from being on the tennis court, and the idea of playing for the love of the game. As we are all servers of our own lives, we are in control of scoring the first point and following through until game, set, match. Whether it is a new adventure, relationship, job, or rebuilding yourself, I believe the ball is in your court to make the first point to see the changes in your life.

Before I get too analytical, for “15 - Love,” I am wearing a gray t-shirt dress from TopShop. Although some would wear the t-shirt dress without any accessories, I opted for a belt for dimension and to accentuate my curves. Also since I am a little bit under the shorter side, I did not want the overall look of “15 - Love” to look like sleep wear. I wanted a little bit of edge to “15 - Love,” so I kept my hair in a high side ponytail with black spiked plug gauge earrings. I also chose to wear my trusty combats from H&M to complete the look.

Do you have any upcoming holiday plans or any fashion dilemmas? Share them with me below or on twitter, and I will see you again soon for another look on the Crystal Avenue.

"15 - Love" Outfit Details:
Spiked plug gauge earrings
TopShop T-Shirt Dress
H&M Combat Shoes

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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