Somewhere in between my busy schedule, I make sure I find time to step away from the internet and dive into a novel or read some poetry. I recently discovered some poetry and prose from Alex Elle’s “Love In My Language” and Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmo’s “Letters To The Men I Have Loved” that inspired today’s look. Through the different experiences and emotions Elle and Marmo felt in and out of love, I was inspired to create a look based on a sweet beginning. Whether you begin a chapter with someone new or you find yourself pressing the restart button for self-improvement, I hope through the journey, you find yourself immersed in life’s sweeter moments.

When I think about the word “sweet” and what color it would represent, the first color that comes to mind is pink. I also wanted to keep the color palette light to show radiance within. Thus for “Sweet Sentiments,” I am wearing a cami and heels from ShopSosie and jeans from Adriano Goldschmied (AG). What I like about the floral cami from ShopSosie is the feminine charm the entire piece gives off - it synchronizes itself with my AG jeans, instead of clashing against the jeans. To conclude, I am wearing a crystal necklace and pearl earrings from Forever 21 for a speck of gold and glam into the entire look.

Have a good rest of your Friday and weekend. Till we meet again on the Crystal Avenue.

Photography by Chelle Nguyen

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