Enchanted Spells

Enchanted Spells

With Halloween a day away, a necessary photo shoot at a pumpkin patch was called for. It has been quite some time since I actually stepped foot in a pumpkin patch. As I was browsing through the pumpkin patch, the fall-like aroma brought back memories of when I was a child, searching high and low for the perfect pumpkin. Even though I am much older now, my heart will be indefinitely young and the holidays will never grow old for me.

Today on the Crystal Avenue, I bring to you “Enchanted Spells” photographed by Andrew Lam. There are a few things I love about this look. The very first reason is because “Enchanted Spells” is a representation and the transition of fall looks here on the Crystal Avenue. However do not be surprised if I still put together looks for warmer Fall days, since the weather can be unpredictable.

The next reason is the urban-hipster vibes “Enchanted Spells” exudes off. Instead of choosing a head piece accessory that is known to be more feminine like my gold headband from my “She is Love” shoot, I chose a beanie from Uniqlo in the men’s section. As a result, the beanie gives a subtle hint of androgyny to “Enchanted Spells.” I truly love a look that you can find traits of femininity and masculinity within the look, because you should never feel confined as fashion can be your outlet to express yourself. And of course, the last obvious reason why I love this look is because you can never go wrong with a beanie.

What are your plans for halloween? Share your plans with me below. I would love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow me on instagram @thecrystalavenue. I will be sharing my halloween costume there.

Please have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone! See you in November.

"Enchanted Spells" Outfit Details
Men's Uniqlo Beanie
Knit Sweater from Forever 21: Similar
Skater Skirt from Forever 21: Similar from Charlotte's Russe
Shoulder/Messenger Bag from Target: Similar from ASOS
Oxfords from Aldo: Similar from Forever 21

Photography by Andrew Lam

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